Which Floor is Best For Me?

Which Floor is Best For Me?

March 18, 2019

Some people can feel really overwhelmed when they come into our showroom and see the vast variety of flooring available.

When deciding your new floor your options are laminated, engineered oak, bamboo, timber, hybrid, and vinyl – THAT’S A LOT OF OPTIONS! Not to mention other things like carpets and tiles too!

We hope this blog makes it easier for you to decide and the different benefits of each flooring.

Firstly, laminated flooring is the go-to budget-friendly option but don’t let the word ‘budget’ fool you. Laminate flooring is actually harder to scratch than real wood! We also provide a few laminate ranges that are 100% waterproof, allowing you to cover your entire house with one consistent design – however most are only water resistant. Unlike engineered oak, laminate can not be sanded or polished meaning any damage would require replacement.

Engineered Oak is what’s going to give your home that amazing premium look! Regardless of how realistic laminate prints may become, nothing will ever replace good ol’ fashioned real wood. Although this flooring will cost you more than others, you get the added option of being able to sand and polish your floor to return your floor back to perfect condition.

Bamboo flooring offers some really unique designs that other materials do not. What’s more is that they are incredibly strong and sustainable. Bamboo is a rather niche product but it has found its way into many homes around the country and its popularity may increase as sustainbility becomes a more prominent issue.

Two materials that customers often get confused between is Hybrid and Vinyl. Vinyl flooring is very thin and much more ideal for office spaces and it is also completely waterproof. Hybrid flooring puts together laminate and vinyl flooring to create a super floor capable of withstanding sun light, heat, and water. This makes hybrid the perfect flooring to cover your home in as it can also be placed in laundramats, bathrooms, and kitchens.

We hope the above information will easen up the process for you, but in case it hasn’t, feel free to call us and speak to a representative today – we are always happy to help!