Tips for cleaning and protecting wooden floors

Tips for cleaning and protecting wooden floors

Wooden floors are great for modern homes thanks to their warm, welcoming and natural appearance. They are also amazingly versatile in regards to style and can be matched up with a variety of different furniture looks.

Wooden floors require care

What many flooring stores Melbourne wide forget to mention, is that to keep your wooden floor looking fresh, you will need to look after it. Whether you opt for a timber laminate floor or bamboo flooring, following these cleaning and maintenance tips will help to keep your floor looking pristine and attractive all year round:

1. Sweep up every day

Think your timber flooring looks clean and shiny at the end of the day? Even if you cannot see any dirt with the naked eye, dust and other particles may still have settled on its surface. To prevent build-up, use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to sweep away any bits of dirt.

2. Clean your wooden floor at least once a week

As well as sweeping up, it is important to give your floors a more thorough wipe with cleaning spray and a micro-fibre mop. This will keep it looking and smelling fresh at all times.

3. Take off your outdoor shoes

Remembering to take off wet or dirty footwear before setting foot on your wooden floor will extend its lifespan considerably. This is because outdoor shoes tend to pick up stones and pieces of grit that could easily scratch the floor. Taking off your shoes will also cut down on the need to wipe away unsightly footprints.

4. Wipe up any spills quickly

Wooden floors often absorb water or other liquids if they are simply left to soak in. This can cause permanent and sometimes extensive damage. In this way, it is essential that you wipe away any spills as soon as you notice them.

5. Invest in a doormat

If your floor is near to an entry door, place a doormat by the door to prevent any damage. Doing so will also help to soak up water and catch any dirt before it is able to reach the floor.

6. Avoid the use of a steam mop

Steam mops are very good for cleaning tiles but they can damage wooden floors. This is because the steam can penetrate deep into the wooden floor and cause it to swell, potentially changing its shape for good.

7. Avoid dragging heavy items across the floor

Carrying or hoisting heavy items across the floor will help to prevent damage including dents, scratches, and marks.

8. Protect the floor

Floor protector pads are designed to stick on the legs of furniture items such as tables, sofas or chairs and are great for preventing scratches. They are commercially available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so start shopping around!

9. Select your cleaning products carefully

Opt for cleaning products that have a neutral pH and explicitly state that they are suitable for wooden flooring. Products that are too abrasive or acidic could end up causing permanent damage.

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