Laminate Flooring Explained

Laminate Flooring Explained

Laminate flooring seems to be the go-to option for many households at the moment. It provides a nice wood-like look whilst keeping prices low. Not only is it affordable, but it is also incredibly durable – usually even more durable than Engineered Oak flooring. Laminate flooring normally consists of multiple layers of High Density Fibre laminated together with a photographic layer on top imitating real-wood designs.

Their durability is measured by Abrasian Class or simply AC. Typically, most laminate flooring products now come with AC4 or AC5 rating. These numbers don’t really mean much to the average customer. Essentially, either of these ratings are durable enough to withstand large amounts of traffic and can even be used for commercial spaces. Your pets are very unlikely to scratch AC5 laminate flooring so it makes it the perfect match for customers with four-legged family members.

Traditionally laminate flooring isn’t waterproof with a few being water resistent, such as Krono Original. Now there are waterproof laminate floorings emerging in the market that can be laid all over your home! You can keep the same consistent design across your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry! Our waterproof laminate flooring can be viewed here. Hybrid flooring (SPC Flooring) is a great alternative to laminate flooring as its also waterproof and has built-in underlay.

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